Phase Two of our job placement strategy is our Follow Along Service. After we have assisted you in finding a job that meets your requirements we continue to provide support. This includes advocating on your behalf for more hours and higher wages, writing P.A.S.S. plans for people on the waiting list for coaching services, and reporting employee wages accurately to Social Security to ensure you are compensated fairly. We also use the IRWE (Impairment Related Work Expenses) program to assist you in maintaining the financial stability to work. And if you are unhappy at your current job we have placed you at, we are happy to provide retraining services to help guide you to new possibilities.

Overview and goals of Follow Along Services:

  • Advocating on your behalf
  • P.A.S.S plans to help you receive job coaching faster
  • Work on your behalf with the Social Security Office
  • Work on your behalf to receive Impairment-Related Work Expenses(IRWE) assistance
  • Retraining services
  • Job resume services